Branding and Marketing:

We provide some services in Japan; Digital marketing, Taste-testing and preference surveys, Advertising slogans, International design award support.

■Digital marketing

​ In order to increase awareness of your products,

services, and local tourist areas overseas and to gain

true fans, it is important to send out information that

understands various factors such as the cultural

background, market trends, preferences, or regulations

and certifications of the target country or region.

At the same time, we must not lose the points that we

want to appeal to. At Arraya Sapporo, we can help you

with branding, marketing, and research from both a

global perspective and the aspirations of each company

and region.

■Taste-testing and preference surveys

We can help you plan and conduct surveys from a

foreigner's point of view, utilizing our expertise in

translation. For example, in order to expand sales

of food products in a global market, we can hold a

"taste survey tasting session" with native speakers

from the target country of your choice. We can handle

the entire process from planning to implementation

and reporting of the survey results. Through

interviews and questionnaires from a foreigner's

perspective, we draw out the real needs of users

in the target country. Please consult with us if you

want to find out the true needs of native speakers,

not only for food products, but also for package design,

naming tips, and inbound needs.

■Advertising slogans

We can translate catchphrases, product names,

and brand names related to corporate and product

brands into multiple languages by sharing the

background thoughts and image worldview.

■ | International design award support

The world's three major design awards, the iF

design award, the red dot design award, and the

IDEA award, as well as other design awards around

the world, are attracting more and more attention

from Japanese companies. An essential part of the

entry process is the design description in English.

It is important to understand the concept of the award

and convey the design in an attractive way. Why don't

you team up with Araya Sapporo's writers and native

translators, and apply for the world's design awards?

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