We handle everything from multi-language translation and interpreting to inbound tourism and international business development.
Certified in internationally accredited ISO/IEC27001 information management.




Contracts and finance | Menus | Web | Brochures and Flyers | Subtitles and captions | Academic writing | Instruction manuals | Technology and industry

Inbound tourism | Public relations, press releases, and general business | Proofreading and corrections | 

Over 40 languages


Mobile interpretation | Interpreting


Narration translation | Voice-over recording | Transcription


International service training | International workplace training

Evaluation and Verification:

Native speaker checks, data collection and surveys | User evaluation and testing | Naming evaluation

Branding and Marketing:

Digital marketing | Taste-testing and preference surveys | Advertising slogans | International design award support

Design, DTP, Printing:


Why Alaya Sapporo?


The best communication experience


Communication with our customers is our number one priority.

Real solutions that deliver what the customer needs require more than simply doing the work. We listen to get to the heart of your request, working with you to clarify all issues and objectives.

We'll also share our problem-solving process as we help you reach your goals.

Unforeseen problems often arise during a project, and when this happens, we'll be ready with the next solution while never losing sight of the finish line.


An expansive international network


With over 40 languages and 1,000 translators, our international network spans a broad range of fields and disciplines.


We employ this network to find just the right translator to handle your project.

Beyond translation, the network also includes creative professionals from DTP operators to web designers both within Japan and abroad to ensure an international perspective that helps you achieve "communication without borders".

This network allows us to handle any request, such as internationally focused preference surveys and guarantees a deep understanding of global standards.


Reliable information security


We are certified in internationally accredited ISO/IEC27001 information management.


Our ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard-compliant information security management system (ISMS) is continuously maintained and constantly improved.

This secure environment ensures that any information placed in our care is in the safest of hands.


One-stop support from planning to final product


Beyond translation and interpretation, we offer a wide range of services from design and training to evaluation and verification.

Our proven track record in a broad range of linguistic communication services allows us to offer complete solutions from planning to the creation of the final product that takes every issue in stride. Our persistent reliability guarantees a final product that reflects your needs and vision.

Furthermore, we handle everything from quotations to refining ideas in-house, reducing both the time and effort required to complete a project in order to get you the maximum results at a reasonable price.


Company Overview

Name          ALAYA SAPPORO INC.
Established       June 8, 2011
President        Shigetomi Nakajima

CEO        Manabu Hoshi
Executive Officer     Tetsuo Ohmura
Capital           ¥5,000,000
Staff            13 (including part-time) Current as of Jan 2021
Banks              North Pacific Bank, Hokkaido Bank

           Sumitomo Mitsubishi Banking Corporation
Address          Sapporo North Plaza Building, 9th Floor
           2-2 Kita 1-jo, Nishi 4-Chome,
           Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 060-0001
           Tel: +81-11-210-7335



Group company  ALAYA INC.

           Helios building, 9th Floor, 5-1-3 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 141-0031 


International office ALAYA Europe (Dusseldorf, Germany)




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