We provide two services in Japan, mobile interpretation and on-site interpreting, mainly in Japan.

■Mobile interpretation (from / to Japanese)

With a simple operation of a tablet, an interpreter can be

summoned and real interpretation service can be provided online.

This service is ideal for tourist information centers, lodging facilities,

storefronts, and other places that serve tourists from overseas,

as well as for administrative services for foreign residents, and

other situations that require the full understanding of foreign residents.


・Languages available

 English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese,

 Thai, French, Nepali, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian

■On-site interpreting (from / to Japanese)

Alaya Sapporo provides reliable quality interpreters.

There are many situations where interpreters are needed,

such as conferences, seminars, lectures, business negotiations,

and accompanying journalists. With the increasing demand for

inbound travel and the growing number of companies expanding

overseas, smooth and appropriate communication is increasingly


・Languages available

 English / Chinese / Korean, etc.